IT Project Financing

An important added value we offer our customer base is the possibility to finance IT Projects through HP Financial Services, an HP Enterprise Company dedicated to finance IT solutions through Leasing contracts.

What is a leasing contract? It’s a rental contract with a purchase option included.

Main Benefits:

  • Conservation of Capital / IT Budget.
  • Does not affect existing bank credit lines.
  • Financing of 100 % of the IT Project.
  • Deduction of monthly installament from Income Tax.
  • Interest rates much lower than existing rates in local bank market.
  • Stamp tax absorbed 100% by HPFS.

Types of Leasing Contracts:

  • Operating Leasing (0% interest rates for certain operations, subject to approval by HPFS).
  • Financial Leasing.
  • Minimum Project Amount to finance: USD 10.000 + VAT.
  • Contract Period: 12 to 60 Months.
  • Commissions and/or expenses: signature certification by public notary, only for main cotract.
  • Options at contract finalization:
    • Execution of purchase option.
    • Return of equipment.
    • contract extension.

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