Storage Assessment


Storage Assessment

Consulting service for the implementation of software solutions related with storage networks.  During the consulting process the current situation of the company is analyzed, through different interviews with key individuals, inventory of existing hardware, software, and network components, and review of existing information. This allows for companies to fully understand the present use of existing infrastructure, storage components, recovery capabilities, and policies regarding storage in general, or the absence of any of the aforementioned issues.

Once the present status of the organization’s existing storage layout is fully understood, the ideal storage platform is defined for the future. This involves setting up the detailed storage requirements, such as but not limited to capacity, protection, and expected performance of the different types of data and existing applications.

A comparison is then made between the present status of the organization and the ideal storage platform, and a series of recommendations and action plans are set up so as to eventually arrive at the ideal storage platform status.

  • 10 Dec, 2013
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