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For the world’s most information-driven industries, Hitachi Data Systems is a game changer. Every day top global corporations, including over 80% of Fortune Global 100 companies, use Hitachi’s integrated solutions to transform mountains of data into useful insights that drive real innovation. As their needs grow, Hitachi’s solutions scale to meet them. As new challenges arise, Hitachi’s solutions adapt to overcome them. It’s a partnership that yields ongoing results.

Your path to intelligent innovation Starts Here:

Data is your greatest asset, if you know how to use it. The keys to new revenue streams, better customer experiences, and lower Business costs are there in your data, waiting to be discovered.

Hitachi Vantara provides the highest level of technological solutions, services, and solutions that allow customers have an excellent return on investment, returno on assets, and concrete results over Business and daily operations. It is a must that IT systems must be virtualized, automated, be compatible with the cloud, and sustainable through time.

Unified Storage Without Compromise

As businesses strive to innovate and prosper, the need to solve complicated data management issues has never been greater. Organizations of all sizes are hampered by data growth demands, rising costs and complexities, and difficulties meeting service level agreements. While data capacity, applications and virtual server environments are growing at exponential rates, budgets are not. Data centers must become more efficient and simpler to meet these challenges adeptly.

And with the rampant rise in unstructured data storage requirements, traditionally separate file and block solutions are no longer adequate for meeting business cost-efficiency goals. Savvy IT leaders are looking to unified storage platforms as a way to infuse overburdened data centers with greater flexibility, investment protection and cost savings.

Look no further than Hitachi Unified Storage.

Hitachi Unified Storage systems are the fastest midrange storage systems available today. With the best combination of random and sequential performance for both file and block data, Hitachi Unified Storage can help you achieve performance goals at the lowest possible price.

HUS VM advances the business value of enterprise storage:

  • Reducing storage costs up to 50% by consolidating your existing storage into a centrally managed pool of shared capacity.

  • Reclaiming up to 65% of unused capac­ity in your existing storage and delaying purchases of new equipment.

  • Refreshing your technology from old to new systems for reasons of performance or cost optimization with up to 80% less effort than alternatives.

  • Improving your customer experience with higher-quality services and improving relationships with better experiences for your customers, with 100% data availability.

  • Reducing your time to provision new resources for new services by up to 50% with simplified, automated and integrated storage management tools.

  • Reducing your carbon footprint while maintaining higher performance, with 40% lower power and cooling costs.

HUS is just one example of how Hitachi Data Systems is helping companies all over the planet to solve critical storage and storage administration issues for their IT departments. Hitachi Data Systems has many other solutions and tools for specific areas such as:

  • Storage (Hitachi Unified Storage VM)

  • Networking

  • Software

  • Data Processing (Integrated Storage Management)

  • File & Content (Advanced Data Management)

  • Convergence

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