Professional Services


Product Guarantee:

As our Company only represents top rated and world class IT manufacturers, all products and services distributed by Silicon-Tech SA have written manufacurer guarantee against manufacturing defects, covering parts and labor.

Installation Services for New Equipment:

This Service aims at installation and tuning of newly acquired HPE and/or Hitachi hardware and software products by our customers. Of great importance when new technologies are involved or integration with other pre existing technologies in the Data Center need to be integrated.

Data Recovery Service:

If there were an eventual loss of data due to hard disk failure, we offer a state of the art data recovery service through a laboratory equipped with 2 Class 100 Cabins by World Leader in Data Recovery Ace Lab (Russian technology), HDD Surgery tools (leading serbian technology based tools for Data Recovery) and certified technicians in Acelab (USA). Data recovery services based on RAID are considered urgent, for which if no physical damage has occured in the disks (motor, disk, logic, that would require spare parts), the recovery process could be started and finished in the same working day as long as the disks are made available early in the day.

Technical Support Service Contracts:

The goal of these services are to maintain the correct performance levels of the hardware and software products acquired, while assuring that even as time elapses the performance levels will be maintained at optimal levels. There are different options regarding Technical Support services according to each vendor:

Hitachi Data Systems:

Through the state of the art Hi Track System, the complete hardware and software installed base of Hitachi Data Systems located in Argentina and under warantee period and/or Technical Support contract are continuously monitored 7 x 24 x 365. Among the services included are the following:

  • Telephone Support

  • Spare Parts Availability

  • Hitrack Monitoring System

  • Response time between 2 hours and next working day, according to the type of contract.

  • Engineering changes, firmware and software changes, and preventive maintenance, in days and hours according to the type of contract.

All of the aforementioned services are executed exclusively by specialized and certified Hitachi Data Systems technical engineers.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise:

Foundation Care:

Different options for preventive hardware and software maintenance programs, varying from 7 x 24 x 365 and 4 or 6 hour response times or workday support from 9 am to 5 pm with response time during the next working day. This program includes support for certain collaboration softwares as well.

Proactive Care and Proactive Care Advanced:

These are support alternatives similar to the ones included in Foundation Care, but with additional services such as telephone access to software and hardware engineers that will be assigned with the customer’s reported issue from start to finish. This is complemented by preventive analysis on firmware and software, software status verification, incident reports, etc. Response time alternatives are similar to the ones offered in Foundation Care. In the case of Proactive Care Advanced, an exclusive support engineer is assigned to the Customer, along with a special technician for critical events, development of a Support plan, and additional benefits offered through Service credits.

Datacenter Care:

This is an exclusive Service that is tailor made for each specific Customer. A specialized and personalized Customer Service official is assigned to each Customer, access to a Support Call Center with a unique phone number for each Customer, specialized technical engineer assigned to the Customer to address critical events, among other benefits. All Customer IT systems are monitored by HPE permanently and on line.
All of the aforementioned services are executed exclusively by specialized and certified Hewlett Packard Enterprise technical engineers.