Silicon-Tech SA is a certified technology reseller and IT integrator. Our company represents leading computer Hardware and Software firms with products and services that allow for optimal processing solutions for most companies. More importantly, since the hardware and software products have been developed based on open computer standards, these can coexist with most of the hardware and software solutions that are or have been provided by most of the leading computer manufacturers, thus allowing for customers to adequately maintain any existing IT investments.

Our technology partners


Since we consider that the quality of the solution offered is among our highest priorities, our company only represents leading world class IT manufacturers.

Solution Rightsizing

We focus on having our product offering adapt to our customers instead of requiring that the customer adapt its activity to the solution we are offering.

Focused on Savings

For the past years, pressure to obtain results, along with budget constraints and high IRR expectations for IT Capital Expenditures, have been a constant among organizations. This trend not only will continue but it will force IT departments to continuously analyze, think, and rethink alternatives regarding IT Operating Expenses and Capital Expenditures. Savings are not only obtained or measured in dollars, but also through more efficient use of resources such as space and energy. We believe that our product offerings should act as cost control tools that will end up generating the payback and IRR needed for the Company’s projects. This means increasing efficiency and service level at the same time.


Since we believe that quality is key for customer satisfaction, we only represent IT manufacturers and companies that are ranked at the highest quality standards.

Data Processing and Administration Technologies

Silicon-Tech, through high level IT manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Hitachi Data Systems, and APC, among others, offers its customers a complete and integrated technology platform, scalable and adaptable to all phases of the business cycle. Customer satisfaction obtained through implementations based on the broad HP Enterprise and Hitachi Data System IT offering has been proven throughout the world. Open systems standards guarantee simple and straightforward implementation processes and Support.

Spanning from small networks to large and complex data centers, our company offers trustworthy IT solutions that will allow high availability, optimized capacity, as well as scalable to accompany growth.

Both HP Enterprise and Hitachi Data Systems have positioned their respective companies in the highest levels regarding cloud ready applications and IT solutions, thanks to their firm commitment regarding high level software application development and focus on customer service and quality.